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Vintage Park, current home to Houston Coffee & Cars serves as the official Coffee and Cars location. this venue offers an incredible atmosphere due to its feel and surrounding vibe, Vintage Park is one of the most fashionable and unique centers in one of the most new and fashionable parts of town. The unique building structures and beautifully orchestrated foundation, which blends European elegance with Texas style is the perfect combination to create a truly unique lifestyle center where all automotive enthusiasts of all ages can gather and share the same passion.

Houston Coffee & Cars hosts over 1,200 cars during the gathering. The gathering is completely non-commercial and it is free and open to all. We ask for everyone’s cooperation in helping us maintain the gathering as a classy and fun experience for everyone by following the gathering’s guidelines, additionally please help us in keeping Vintage Park clean during as well as after the gathering and be respectful to everyone in attendance. Enthusiasts of all ages attend the gathering and it is only right that we keep it enjoyable and safe, especially for the children who attend who are developing a passion for our hobby at an early age.

Vintage Park is located in North Houston at 110 Vintage Park Blvd., Houston Texas 77070. Close to 249 and the Beltway on Louetta next to HEB. View map on Contact Us page.


We kindly ask that if you are a visitor and spectator to the gathering, please park on the designated area for spectators in order allow the cars to be displayed to have a few extra parking spots to use. For a visual map of the parking areas please click here.


During the gathering, many of the shops at Vintage Park open early in order to cater to the great people that attend the gathering. They kindly allow us to use their parking spaces during the gathering, please pay them a visit and thank them for their cooperation.